dr Pojednic works with individuals, groups, and academic/corporate clients to discover excellence through health. Dr. Pojednic also teaches courses open to the public at the Harvard Extension School in the Fall and Spring semesters.

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SPRING semester – The Science of Physical Activity Applied to Health and Wellbeing (PSYC1036)

Exercise is medicine and fundamental to good health. Given the current epidemic of disease related to sedentary behavior, it is imperative to train future providers to understand the relationship between physical activity and health. There is also a need to educate healthcare professionals on the benefits of prescribing exercise to their patients. While the benefits of exercise are widely known, healthcare practitioners, including health and wellness coaches, do not always have the necessary training to counsel their patients on how to incorporate exercise and physical activity into their daily routines.

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FALL – Food & Nutrition in Health and Wellbeing (NUTR105)

Students examine evidenced-based relationships between nutrition and the promotion of long-term health and well being. They become familiar with food-related policy and recommendations, including the US Dietary Guidelines, FDA Food Labels, and evidence-based nutrition programs, and gain practical skills to make healthful dietary choices. Moreover, students learn health promotion strategies to help influence other people’s food choices and apply these strategies to a specific modifiable chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease. After successful completion of this course, students are able to identify the fundamentals of a healthy eating pattern; recognize associations between dietary behaviors and non-communicable disease and identify evidence-based dietary interventions for those diseases; understand barriers to healthful eating, including cultural, environmental, and social; utilize validated tools to encourage healthful food choices; provide practical advice to improve dietary behaviors; and become adept at accessing evidence-based resources to maintain the most up-to-date knowledge, skills, and tools to promote good nutrition.

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Conference and Key Note Speaking

Dr. Pojednic speaks regularly at nutrition, physical activity, public health, fitness/wellness, academic, corporate and continuing medical education conferences. Her talks typically focus on the translation between the scientific evidence of healthful eating, physical activity, and long term behavior change. Topics have included: "Nutrition for Real Life Performance", "Get Real: A Scientific Guide to Wellbeing Through Food", "Exercise for You – Crafting your own Exercise Prescription", "Nutrition and Physical Activity in Children: Beyond Weight", and "Physician Self-Care in Promoting Physical Activity".