Be for things, not against them.

This post doesn't really belong in any of the Move, Eat, Drink, or Rest categories.  It's more in the Life column.  With the start of the New Year, we all tend to reassess our live's ambition, set new goals, and redirect.  This year, I am experiencing a major shift.  As a person in the nutrition and exercise world, I see a lot of crap.  Bad diets, really bad diets, dangerous diets.  Ugly workouts, really ugly workouts, dangerous workouts.  And my initial response is to rail against them.  Sometimes, I just want to throw things and scream at how stupid I think this crap can be.  (My latest target is this ridiculous and shameful marketing scheme by Coca-cola).  But there's a problem with temper tantrums and stump speeches...nobody wants to hear it.  In fact,   going on the offensive is often such a turnoff that, even if people agree with you, they won't do what they know is right just to demonstrate their own free will.  You can see examples of this everyday:  in politics, in raising kids, in employee/boss relationships...

So, in response, my new intention is: Be For Things, Not Against Them.

Be For:  Eating lots of Fruits and Vegetables

Be For:  Working out hard, and often

Be For:  Drinking water (and wine...)

Be For:  Enjoying Life and being Mindful of the details

Be For:  The teachers and mentors and friends that spread a positive and healthy message

and most importantly,

Be For: Finding the Positive Aspect of any Situation.


Because it's so damn easy to get caught up in negativity.  We live in an on demand world where everyone automatically moves to criticize, or judge, or question.  Railing against things that drive you nuts - because they're cruel, or unjust, or unsafe, or unhealthy - is not helping anyone.  Getting your digs in only causes stress, and anger and defensiveness.

So, instead of being against the things that I disagree with, I'm going to be for the things that I find important. Because then the positive things will start to counter the negative and will slowly build a coalition of productive energy, deeds, and eventual change.  I am going to be FOR the things that I feel strongly about, and then be patient enough for the change to happen.

It sounds so simple, but it is going to be profound.