Rest in the Mountains

Do you remember the olden days when we didn't have the internet?  When the Facebook creators were still in diapers?  When Twitter was something that birds did in the Spring?  When a phone was confined to the house and a cell was the building block of the body?  Well, I had forgotten.  Until now. For the past 8 days, JP, the pups and I have been hard at rest in the Mad River Valley, VT.   Surrounded by two feet of freshly fallen snow, we hunkered down in an amazing old farmhouse in a back hollow of the Green Mountains.  No phone, no internet, no television.  Simply being.  Figuring out how to enjoy quiet again - reminding ourselves to mindfully catalog the moments that truly matter.

So, in the spirit of introspection, rather than using words, I'm going to show you how magic this week was.  And how grateful I am that humble little towns - yet unscathed by the cacophony in which we live - still exist.

The House.

Farmhouse in the Hollow

The Barn

Spreading Good Will and Compassion to All


The Long Trail

The Road Less Traveled

Snow Pups

The main event.  Sugarbush.

Pup on A Flying Saucer.

Happy Boy in the Snow


The Food.

Dutch Potato Soup & Smoked Porter

American Flatbread Lareau Farm, Waitsfield

Tracks at the Pitcher Inn, Warren


The Beer.

Hill Farmstead Brewery

Unassuming amazement.

The Brews.


The View.


Chilly Walk.


Sunset Over the Ridge.