Eating on the Road

Organic Rest Stops? Summer Road Trip Hope!

This is only a quickie post.  I just have to share this amazing website that I just found called the Eat Well Guide.  

JP and I travel around by car A LOT.  We have the pupsters, so flying is typically not an option (well, they do count as our carry on, but not at $150/dog per way).  His family is in New Jersey and South Carolina, and mine is here and in Florida.   So, when we visit, it's a haul.  There's also a lot of driving to rowing races throughout the northeast, skiing all winter, summer vacations...

Until now, we were always loathed to find a good place to eat while on the road.  Seriously, when we hit 95S, I literally start crying.  Not really, but almost.  Nothing but Popeye's, Waffle House, and Kentucky Fried Chicken from here to as far as the eye can see.  I can't eat it.  I won't.

I tried packing a cooler, but that only lasts for one direction and refilling it for the ride home can often be a challenge (although very handy for the fab craft beers JP always picks up along the route...Heady Topper, I'm lookin' at you).

But...this new site: let's you put in your driving route and will "help you find local, sustainable and organic food wherever you go".  How am I only just now finding this??!!

It will locate restaurants, stores, farmers markets, bakers, butchers, even food trucks!  Put in your start and destination and by the magic of the interwebs, you have solid, healthy options for your road trip!  Colonel Sanders can suck it!


So, while it still a little depressing to me that there are only five restaurants and/or stores listed that sell the good stuff between the Virginia-Maryland border and Hilton Head, at least there is hope!

EatWellGuide also has really great listings for local food options, events and news.  Check it out!